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Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple 2018

Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead clarity between groups of criminals and detectives who use their supernatural powers to lead a war to control Yokohama leads to an 88-day “Dragon Head Conflict”. Osamu Dazai and his ally in Port Mafia, of which Nakahara, will be able to prevent death. Osamu says goodbye to his boss Oaga Mori and meets him only two years later in his new place. Meanwhile Atsushi Nakajima and Kika Izumi join ArmedDetectives Agency, living in a wild but quiet day. But something strange happens because the users of the power consistently commit suicide all over the world.

Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English / Malay / Chinese

Classification: NA

The total release date is April 12, 2018

Genre: anime

Working time: not available

Distributor: GSC films

With: Uto Uemura, MamoruMiyano, Kenshu Ono, Kazuya Nakai

Director: Takuya Igarashi

Layout: 2D

Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple 2018

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