Grappling is a method of fighting in which grabbing, holding, throwing, sweeping, takedowns, and submissions are utilized. It is comprised of elements from wrestling, jiujitsu, and judo. The goal of grappling is usually a win by submission. However in a MMA or self defense context grappling may mean establishing control to deliver strikes. The better grappler isn’t always the bigger stronger opponent.
Good technique and proper use of leverage and timing is key to victory. A smaller person can and often wins over a larger opponent. From a fitness standpoint, grappling is an excellent way to get into shape. You will use every muscle in your body. Muscular endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, and balance will all be developed. The goal of grappling is not fitness, however many people practice grappling as a means to increased fitness levels. Grappling does offer competitive options to those that desire to challenge themselves against others.