Our self defense program has been developed over many years of practice and studying different systems as well as training with different instructors. Self defense is not a “Martial Art” nor is it competitive fighting. We do not practice choreographed routines or practice things merely for the traditional aesthetic qualities. After a student begins to learn some basics they then begin to role play real life scenarios. Real life attacks and real life language is used to as closely resemble what would happen out on the street. At this point the intensity is increased. Self defense training can be quite rigorous. Students are put through high intensity

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situations. We must train at that level on a regular basis to prepare for any dangerous situation in real life. Single attacker, multiple attacker, face to face attacks, ambush attacks, weapons, and abduction scenarios will all be covered. Not only are the physical components dealt with we also learn how to manage fear and to be observant to threats and risks. De escalation is a big part of our role playing practices. Fighting is the last resort. This program does allow the student for a rank progression. This is not a course but is ongoing 52 weeks a year.